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Extremists killed Black cop, used anti-brutality protests as a cover, charge federal prosecutors

by Bryan 18X Crawford Contributing Writer @Asiatic 18X

The death of George Floyd in the custody of Minneapolis police officers sparked weeks of unrest across America. There were protests, riots and looting from coast-to-coast, and civil disobedience. The... »

Expert warns U.S. cities could face ‘apocalyptic’ future as country sets record for new Covid-19 cases in one day

by Jessica Corbett | Jun 30, 2020 - 11:06:31 AM


Bullies In Blue: Powerful, unapologetic and angry police unions beating back demands for change

by Brian E. Muhammad Staff Writer @globalpeeks | Jun 30, 2020 - 10:00:47 AM

Since high profile police killings of Blacks sparked national unrest in cities across America, there have been loud demands for overhauling policing and radical change in how law enforcement operates.
Now comes a backlash against critics and demands for change as powerful, caustic, and unapologetic police unions and their members strike back. Whether harsh words, political pressure, media campaigns or failure to come to work, the boys in blue aren’t going down without a vicious fight.
“For us to expect them to be accommodating … to recognize and understand, that will be almost like a fool’s paradise,” said Hamid Khan, director of Stop LAPD Spying, a grassroots anti-surveillance watchdog group in Los Angeles.
Much of the desired reform goes diametrically opposite the invested interests of police unions, Mr. Khan reasoned. »

Minister Farrakhan, Chelsea Handler & The Appeal of Truth

by Demetric Muhammad | @brotherdemetric | Guest Columnist | Jun 23, 2020 - 8:15:16 AM

My teacher, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, teaches that the greatest of all principles around which one should live and be willing to give his or her life for is the principle of truth. »

Hope or Hype in the House?

by Naba’a Muhammad, Barrington M. Salmon, Nisa Islam Muhammad and Charlene Muhammad | Jun 17, 2020 - 12:35:36 PM

The police killing of a Black man in Atlanta brought federal legislation designed to increase police accountability and reform again to the forefront. The shooting of Rayshard Brooks in a Wendy’s parking lot brought anger, pain and questions about how to ensure things change. »

‘Breonna’s Law’ a first step but cops still must be charged in her shooting death argue family, attorneys

by Brian E. Muhammad Staff Writer | Jun 17, 2020 - 12:34:08 PM

The Louisville Kentucky City Council recently passed legislation banning no-knock warrants in Jefferson County, where police killed Breonna Taylor, a Black 26-year-old Emergency Medical Technician while executing a warrant on her home. »

More presidential clashes, disagreements

by Askia Muhammad -Senior Editor- | Jun 17, 2020 - 12:33:32 PM

WASHINGTON—President Donald J. Trump may be so desperate about his reelection chances that he’s attempting to espouse two diametrically opposed viewpoints at the same time. »

Chicago police officers in ‘hot seat’ with mayor

by Tariqah Shakir-Muhammad -Staff Writer- | Jun 17, 2020 - 12:33:18 PM

CHICAGO—The Chicago Police Department and Mayor Lori Lightfoot continue to butt heads since the release of footage showing police misconduct with protestors and their handling of looting throughout the city during uprisings in early June. »

Waiting, hoping for uncertain justice

by Michael Z. Muhammad Contributing Writer @mzmuhammad1 | Jun 16, 2020 - 3:23:49 PM

Justice has taken center stage and the Black community holds its collective breath as the prosecution of police officers for the death of George Floyd begins to slowly unwind. »

‘We are tired’ Police killing of Black man takes toll on his family and those familiar with heavy handedness of police

by Brian E. Muhammad and Eric Ture Muhammad The Final Call @TheFinalCall | Jun 16, 2020 - 9:29:43 AM

The young mother and wife was poised initially, holding her child and facing the media at an extremely difficult time. Her words, however, and clear pain were heartbreaking. »

We Charge Genocide!

by Linn Washington Jr. —News Analysis— | Jun 12, 2020 - 9:30:38 AM

Police brutality against Blacks was a core concern in the petition sent to the United Nations by an interracial group of Americans in 1951. That petition charged the U.S. government with committing “genocide” against Blacks in violation of UN Charter and its Genocide Convention. »

Conrad Worrill, Brother, Warrior, Friend, Dead at 78

by James G. Muhammad Contributing Editor @jgm3000 | Jun 10, 2020 - 5:25:45 PM

Dr. Conrad Worrill wore many hats in the “City of the Big Shoulders”—educator, scholar, activist, political strategist, author, historian, mentor. Younger generations just called him “Baba” (father). »

Charges of police wilding in the streets! Protesters, advocates: Brutal cops still killing and abusing people

by Charlene Muhammad National Correspondent @sischarlene | Jun 9, 2020 - 2:10:06 AM

Cops are beating, body slamming, maim- ing, pepper spraying and killing people and abusing reporters covering protests after the death of George Floyd while in the custody of Minneapolis police officers.
It’s a far cry from pro-police propaganda of police chiefs and officers kneeling, hug- ging, and high-fiving protestors. »

Questions remain in the fight for justice for George Floyd and Black America

by Nisa Islam Muhammad and Michael Z. Muhammad The Final Call @TheFinalCall | Jun 9, 2020 - 1:38:42 AM

In the days since the country erupted in protests after the death of George Floyd in the custody of Minneapolis police officers, a public memorial service was held in that city, followed by another memorial in Raeford, N.C. before the father, brother and uncle was laid to rest in Houston. »

Locked Out And Going Out Of Busines$

by Barrington M. Salmon -Contributing Writer- | Jun 7, 2020 - 11:18:56 PM

When congressional leaders of both political parties agreed to a $2 trillion economic stimulus package—the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act—Teri Williams had no expectations that Black businesses would get their fair share. »


‘We are tired’ Police killing of Black man takes toll on his family and those familiar with heavy handedness of police

The young mother and wife was poised initially, holding her...

Questions remain in the fight for justice for George Floyd and Black America

In the days since the country erupted in protests after...

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